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   Much higher sensitivity has been traited since Ellen Ann Aaron discover a new personality trait in the 90s. HSPs are able to see the world from a more  sensitive and personal point of view: from the heart. From the deepest interior of the person.


  Since then, conferences have been organized, books, articles, magazines have been published, groups on social networks, and even a film on the subject called “sensitive” has been made. It is said that 20% of the population lives, feels and acts in this way, and the need for a way to educate very sensitive children is also became a challenge.


  A large proportion of these people view the spirit of adulthood differently. It is as if the daily rumor has a different melody for them, sweeter, more beautiful, but also sad, and that they only know how to hold them, only they intuit.


   It was from the 90s when the world came to know of the knowen “high sensitivity” it is clear that there are millions of people who spent their childhood, adolescence and part of their maturity without knowing why they feel or looked different. 


   It is important to be able to identify children with this type of personality. Education is not an easy task, but it is even easier to do it with a child who considers himself different from a very young age. We give you some simple strategies to achieve this.

Identify very sensitive children.
 For some parents, they can be complex, “they complain a lot, they ask a lot”. But, in the classroom, a highly sensitive child does not attract attention , it is not problematic.

  High sensitivity does not fit very much in modern societies. He does not like to compete, he does not like public gimmicks or rumors. Highly sensitive children like to play with the stars, meditate with music, walk in solitude …



  It is the job of parents and mothers to recognize the characteristics of high sensitivity in their children. We do not want to improve their behavior or “normalize” them at all. But at least, identify them to help and understand them.


  It is necessary to identify them in order to give them directions, so that they know what are the inconsistencies that they may feel in their day-to-day. They will see, for example, that they are a lot more mature than their friends, and that the world sometimes goes out of tune and is guided by excessive selfishness.

 We must guide, participate, communicate, listen, tell our support and warmth…   but before that it is important to know how to identify highly sensitive children and what are the characteristics that define them.  

How To Identify Highly Sensitive Children

  •   High sensitivity also results in physical sensitivity . Your pain threshold is low, as long as rubbing the cloth cannot hurt the child. 
  •   As children, they often cry after hearing the noise.
  •   They are very mature children, and this is evident in the depth of their questions.
  •  They understand the mood of adults.
  • This personal maturity makes him feel different from his classmates.
  •   He is attentive to the day-to-day details.
  • We should be clear that being highly sensitive does not mean being introverted.
  • They enjoy being alone.
  • They feel passion for music, art, nature.
  • They are interested in social problems.
  • They feel hurt easily, any word or bad gesture seriously affects them.

3 Educational Pillars in Highly Sensitive Children

Separation is a weapon of power


We should not turn a child into something he is not, do not try to “normalize” him. You have to accept their characteristics and show them that dealing with life with that intensity is not a misfortune but a gift.

There are unique nuances in the world that only he can see. He sees that the world is a safe place. If he feels good about himself then life will shine for him because he has light, because he is special and strong to face adverse situations.

Strengthens your self-esteem


Trust him, give him autonomy through positive reinforcement and verification. Show him that his ability can allow him to do anything, which has a large number of attributes and attributes. Develop your sense of self-efficacy.

Be prepared for adversity


We know that they are only children, but we also know that they realize many more things than other things. They feel humiliation, selfishness, silence and bad gestures to a greater extent. This is something we have to work on each day, and we can do it through emotional intelligence:


If others do not act like me, it does not mean that they do not want me or accept me. They feel differently that it is neither better nor worse. Only different.

It is important that they learn to manage despair, sadness, despair. Throughout their lives they will experience more than one disappointment, they will suffer, and all those feelings will put an end to them. It is important that you learn to manage these dimensions as soon as possible.

When highly sensitive children have discovered their real self, balance will come into their lives every day. Then, they will be authentic, mature and happy people to live life wholeheartedly. Having your own light.

The differences between highly sensitive people and hypersensitive people may seem to be the same to highly sensitive people and hypersensitive people, however, they are not exactly the same.

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