Moon Goddess

Shadows lengthen as day’s end draws nigh
The sky is painted by a watercolour touch
The silken caress of a zephyr wind
turns chill as dampness permeates the air

Slowly shadows fade to sapphire darkness
Now twilight colours wane and die
An expectant hush takes hold of the land
Chill as warmth flees with the Sun’s dominance

We watch, day is now over, night has begun
Moonshine frozen replaces golden light
Instead of brilliance, a silver touch reigns
Edging shade of midnight with strands gossamer fine

Oh wondrous, Moon Goddess, blessed do thee be
Although we walk in the Sun Lord’s domain
Our hearts reside with thee through eternity
and whispered prayers belong to thee alone

Touching our souls, our senses, our centre
Thou ethereal beauty lays claim to our love
Thou art guide of our thoughts, our feelings, our words
As thee sways us gentle in thy careful embrace

Though our mortal form belongs to the day
Through which we walk with joyous abandon
Our spiritual self remains with thee always
And shalt follow the path that thee begs us walk