How to CEO Podcast Meeting – Han Jin CEO of Lucid


The world has changed. You can bite the dust or you can get the correct apparatuses and data now and transform you, your business and the lives of your representatives.

In this scene of How to CEO, I invite Han Jin, the prime supporter, and CEO of Lucid.

Han Jin and his accomplice made Lucid in 2015. Their organization produces programming and computerized reasoning. I welcomed Han Jin to discuss the different qualities and abilities that a CEO ought to have. Being an author and CEO are two altogether different things and Han Jin causes us to separate the two jobs. He likewise shares his encounters and the difficulties that he has confronted exchanging to and fro between both of these fluctuate complex jobs in the course of the last more than two years.

Han Jin lets me know at Lucid, “we have made programming and computerized reasoning to catch 3D on cell phones, or any gadget that has cameras.”

Consistently we progress in the direction of winding up better CEO’s and building a superior organization and item. My fellow benefactor worked in apply autonomy and took a shot at improving things in the mechanical technology field for a couple of years. He truly needed to acculturate and use just the product. This choice was before we met. After we met we chose to “productize” the product and make something that would be sellable to the majority.

I asked Han Jin how a lot of cash they have had the option to raise for their organization.

Han showed to me this isn’t a lot of cash — yet it sounded somewhat extraordinary to me. 2.6 million he let me know — yet includes that they have had the option to raise that summarize to seven or eight digits. Wonderful in the short three and a half year range that they have been building the organization.

What does it take to do the raising support and what does it take to grow an organization?

“This adventure has been a great deal of self-awareness and mental development.” Han says that it truly isn’t about the title of being a CEO. It’s a lot bigger than that. Simply the attitude takes more that the title says it is. Jin says that everybody should attempt to be the organizer of their own organization as a result of what you will realize.

You can develop your own organization better that any other person can do it. You’ll see what you have to twofold or triple your organization development and income to address the majority of the solicitations for your item. Since you are in that spot at the highest point of your organization you can perceive what must be done and you do it. There is no looking out for authorizations or other assistance to come. You figure out how to develop yourself and your organization simultaneously.

Clear presently has more than 50 individuals working in the organization around the world. Fantastc development, yet Jin says that he isn’t the ideal CEO yet. He discloses to me how much development there is in developing with your kin and figuring out how to “do” that development. Ideally as I knowledge the majority of the phases in structure an society I’ll turn out to be better and more astute in our society I will have the option to learn.

What character contrasts are there to being a 10k organization or a 50k organization?

Each scale and phase of a business requires an alternate range of abilities. You become a superior business and CEO with every year that you practice this activity. You show signs of improvement at employing — in light of the fact that you need to get the correct individuals in your organization that you can trust. As the originator, prime supporter and CEO you must have more trust in your workers as every year passes by. You can’t generally be there to oversee them — they need to deal with the everyday business for you, any place they are.

Do you find that your representatives at that point acquire other individuals that join your organization?

Truly, every one of the representatives that you have contract wind up getting individuals that they know and you must have trust in that procedure as well. You need to begin separating your business into units of work and segments of work. You need to choose who to put over each segment of work. The heiarchy should likewise develop so you can continue developing. Again — each stage takes a lot of trust, time and cash.

What is the hardest thing you have needed to show your workers?

I have needed to show my representatives committing errors. I have needed to inform them not to stress regarding making mistakes. I need to really urge the workers to commit errors and not stress over those issues. They need to show signs of improvement at their employments and better at thinking of better approaches to assemble their area of the business. The best way to show signs of improvement at your main responsibility is to experience the missteps. In case you’re “somewhat off ” or not doing great as a CEO or a colleague — that not all that awful. Be that as it may, I need to prepare the group to be alright about blunders and to get over it and proceed onward. I train the group to deal with the blunders — in light of the fact that they will commit errors.

You have been doing business three and a half years. On the off chance that you could return and express something to yourself three and a half years back, what might that guidance resemble?

In what ever work you choose to do in your business it’s ideal to discover that an author and CEO are entirely unexpected occupations. They require various qualities and you will have various shortcomings. You need to inquire as to whether you even need to be a CEO since this activity is unquestionably not for everybody. It’s a troublesome voyage. I got some information about this theme. He disclosed to me that on the off chance that you will be a CEO, you must be great at three things:

Gathering pledges.


Seeing — having the vision and seeing the fate of the organization.

At a certain point I truly battled with subsidizing raising. I experienced 300 dismissals in succession from the speculators. I addressed myself and let myself know whether I needed to be a CEO I expected to quit whimpering and stand up and be the best pledge drive there was.

Where do you see you development originating from later on?

I need to see a greater picture and see ahead to a greater market and to new markets that go along. Getting in to new markets and development will be required in the event that we are to continue developing. I take the case of Uber. They changed the whole taxi framework. The organizer simply needed to make his item and return home and he proved unable. The application came and he needed to continue onward.

What inquiries do you pose to yourself as an organizer?

It is safe to say that you will develop and willing to learn?

What will occur in the event that you quit developing?

What sort of business would you say you are attempting to manufacture? A way of life business, or a Google?

What is your mentality?

Where do you go when you don’t have the appropriate responses you are scanning for in your business?

Numerous individuals state to get an official mentor. I chose to search out and find distinctive adviors; these are paid guides. The data that my guides give is for the monetary benefits. In any case, I have understood that a considerable lot of the individuals that help me assemble Lucid, likewise care about the relationship. Numerous connections in our organization have turned out to be significant with our mentors, coaches and adviors.

How would you discover this kind of individuals?

Finding the correct sort of individual returns to a contracting or any kind of finding. You will search for these individuals, yet they will likewise start to come to you for this work. You will search for the most elite and these greats will for the most part be individuals who have experienced this startup up voyage. They comprehend what you are experiencing and what you need and they can support you. You need somebody who has had a startup as a matter of first importance. I look and watch out for these individuals. We have been fortunate to discover people who care for our organization, and furthermore care about me and my prime supporter by and by.


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