Highly Sensitive Person Traits and Physical Reactions


As an HSP, your physique and your physique consciousness are extra finely tuned than most others. You may need bodily reactions and discomforts that nonsensitives don’t expertise or don’t really feel so intensely. I’ve seen this phenomenon in myself in lots of conditions.



One too many cups of espresso within the morning can shift my temper from high-energy and upbeat to anxious and agitated. Over time, I’ve realized to mix decaf and caffeinated espresso and to drink not more than two cups within the morning with meals.



I’m additionally extremely conscious of modifications or pains in my physique and have a tendency to reply extra acutely to particular drugs. I’ve had medical doctors counsel I used to be overreacting to ache throughout sure procedures that I discovered excruciating.



The mix of the ache and the disgrace of experiencing a lot ache made these experiences much more troublesome, one thing you finally attempt to keep away from altogether.



“Naturally insufferable ache results in a concern of experiencing something prefer it ever once more, and that creates a posh about it,” says Dr. Aron on her weblog. “The complicated could make us overly afraid of harm, medical procedures, an extended sickness, or the expertise of dying.” On the optimistic facet, I’ve a profoundly favorable response to bodily affection and therapeutic massage. It’s as if my pores and skin craves contact, and bodily contact instantly relaxes me.



I additionally discover I’m noticeably calmer and extra bodily relaxed after I’m in nature, significantly strolling within the mountains or on the seashore. I could be round individuals who immediately put me relaxed, and others who instantly make me really feel anxious and confused. As a extremely delicate individual, you may discover a few of these similar bodily reactions and traits in your self:

  •  Being extra conscious than others of bodily modifications and signs
  •  Having extremely refined sensory particulars
  •  Experiencing pores and skin rashes, redness, and reactions to chemical compounds
  •  Having acute sensitivity to the touch
  •  Having sturdy unfavorable reactions to loud or repetitive noises
  •  Feeling distracted or disturbed by sounds that others don’t discover, like a ticking clock or individuals speaking within the background
  • Noticing refined particulars round you and with the ability to discover misplaced issues extra readily than others
  • Being extremely delicate to sturdy gentle, or preferring pure gentle to synthetic
  •   Feeling overwhelmed by disagreeable smells and perfumes and needing recent air
  •  Having a complicated, refined palette or having sturdy distaste for sure meals
  •   Experiencing extra acute reactions to ache and pleasure than others
  •  Experiencing extra acute reactions to drugs
  •  Strongly affected by stimulants, reminiscent of caffeine and sugar, and by depressants, reminiscent of alcohol
  •  Bodily agitated by intense environments, reminiscent of malls, live shows, or airports
  •  Experiencing chemical sensitivity to meals components, dyes, perfumes, and family merchandise
  •  Having eager advantageous motor abilities
  •  Experiencing a weaker immune system, typically because of the stress of overstimulation
  •  Needing extra sleep than different individuals
  •  Having higher response to or consciousness of modifications within the pure setting, reminiscent of a shift in barometric stress or the onset of seasonal modifications
  • Having bodily reactions to emotional turmoil or stress round you, reminiscent of feeling unwell when somebody is indignant round you As HSPs, we’ve got nervous techniques that tune in to refined experiences and react to them extra dramatically, both positively or negatively.


Our eager consciousness of our our bodies and the reactions our our bodies need to sure stimuli make it mandatory for us to be extra aware of how we deal with ourselves. It’s necessary for everybody to eat wholesome pure meals, to drink numerous water, and to train.


It’s much more important for extremely delicate individuals with a purpose to keep bodily and emotional equilibrium. We have to use our eager consciousness to grasp what our our bodies are telling us and the way we are able to alter our way of life selections with a purpose to enable our our bodies to perform optimally. Take into consideration how your personal physique reacts to experiences, individuals, environments, meals, drink, drugs, sounds, smells, chemical compounds, stress, lack of sleep, and ache.



Start with essentially the most debilitating bodily response you expertise, one thing that disrupts your life or makes you extraordinarily uncomfortable, and take motion to handle it.



This may imply going to your physician, eliminating or slicing again on sure meals, going to mattress earlier, or avoiding sure locations or individuals. There’s nothing unsuitable with you as a result of you’ve got bodily reactions and wishes that others don’t. Be sort to your self, and take note of what your physique is telling you so you’ll be able to get pleasure from your presents with out the distractions of bodily discomfort.



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